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Welcome to

Swasthya Ayurvedic Clinic and Panchkarma Center Pune

Swasthya Ayurved Clinic was founded in the year 1995 and has been providing holistic Ayurved treatment solutions to patients in Pimpri-Chinchwad region. We are happy to announce our arrival in Aundh, Pune at Ameya Apartments, new D.P.Road, near Medipoint Hospital since November 2015.

Ayurved is not just a health science but a life science. The focus of the clinic has been prevention of diseases by advocating "Dinacharya"- Daily Ayurvedic Lifestyle Regimen and "Rutucharya"- Seasonwise Ayurvedic Lifestyle Regimen to its patients. The motto of Ayurved is Prevention of Diseases of the healthy people and alleviating the disease of the unhealthy. At Swasthya Ayurved, treatments and therapies are advised to patients according to their body constitution (Prakriti) keeping this very objective in mind.

About Panchakarma

The term "Panchakarma" is a union of two words,
"Panch" which means five,and "Karma" which means action.Thus Panchakarma is the name given to a set of five actions.
It is a process of cleansing and rejuvenation of the mind and the body.


  • Hi I am Smita Pawar I joined the slimming treatment program in Swasthya Ayurvedic center and gone through the herbal treatment and yoga and lose the weight only in 4 weaks and my life is got changed.

    - Smita Pawar
  • Thanks to Swasthya Ayurvedic Centre who helped me to look better than before. And now i m getting the comments like 'wow' from my friends.

    Teena Kapoor